Generation of consensus referenced two-sample Sequence Logos.
Alignment file

Number of the first sequence of the second sample
Consensus threshold
Positions per line in the logo
Color scheme

Select a multiple sequence alignment (MSA) file in FASTA format containing both sequence groups. Please note that files larger than 15 MB are not accepted.
Enter the number of the first sequence of the second sample in the MSA file to define the two sequence groups. You can use an alignment viewer/editor like JalView to get this number.
The consensus threshold defines whether a residue is considered as consensus. For example a certain amino acid occuring in 83% of all sequences at a certain position will not be considered as consensus at a threshold of 0.95. However, at a threshold of 0.75 it will be recognized as consensus. Adjust this setting to your needs.
Please contact us if you have any questions or if you have discovered a bug.
This service is based on WebLogo 3
Crooks GE, Hon G, Chandonia JM, Brenner SE WebLogo: A sequence logo generator, Genome Research, 14:1188-1190, (2004)