Generates taxonomic abbreviations from sequence accession numbers
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Select a FASTA file with UniProt sequence accessions or identifiers from BLAST. Sequence identifiers must not contain any addtional information. Otherwise no IDs will be translated. Please note that files larger than 15MB are not accepted. Example: IPR018204.fa (Tryptophan synthase, alpha chain, InterPro)
The abbreviated taxa name consists of the superkingdom (SK), phylum (PH), clade (CL), organism (OR) and family (FA). The species name is appended to the given abbreviations using an underscore character. Example for E.coli: BPrGaEnEn_Eco
If multiple sequences from the same species occur in the sequence set, an incremental counter is added to the shortID. E.g. BPrGaEnEn_Eco_R1.
Please contact us if you have any questions or if you have discovered a bug.
ShortID is based on Key2Ann
Pürzer, A., Grassmann, F., Birzer, D., & Merkl, R. (2011).
Key2Ann: a tool to process sequence sets by replacing database identifiers with a human-readable annotation.
Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics (JIB), 8(1), 35-46.